Reflection On Media Blogs. Is This The End?

Having this blog has surprisingly been a really good experience and was not what I thought it going to be, At first I looked at it as a homework assignment but as time passed by I looked at it like an outlet to tell some stories of mine while also making people aware of the different aspects of the media that are both positive and negative. Not only that but whilst writing these blogs and learning about the different things that go into companies ads has allowed me to notice how companies and the media manipulate their audiences into thinking that they actually need the new product that the company is coming out with. As a result the company makes large profits and continues to have their audience controlled. So as I continued to learn things in class I applied the concepts to the different ads I saw daily which allowed me to see the undermining message that the brands were trying to convey. Not only that I started to notice why some ads captivated my attention while other had not. Af…

Women In Politics

Politics is something most women avoid because they have been trained to think that politics are only for men and that women are not allowed to join. This happens because women see how powerful women are always being put down since they are women. As this happens more and more women shy away from politics as they do not want to be judged or mistreated when running for office. When running for office women are sexualized by men and are often objectified. Which was seen when this one women was running for office and all the pictures that were taken by the photographer were taken in-between her legs and how the men are just looking upward. Since this is happening young girls have a tendency to think that they themselves are objects and forget that they are human. But there are those females who strive to break the generic stereotype that has been molded for women by men so that the younger generation sees that they can be the next President, be the protagonist in a show or even be a lead…


I have recently fallen in love with this new show called YOU on Netflix. (Thank you Sarah for the recommendation loved it) This show is about this young man named Joe who is the protagonist and how he falls in love with this young lady Guinevere Beck (aka Beck). Joe seemed like a normal worker but soon reveals his hidden intentions. Once he fell in love he began to deeply analyze her by the way she looked, what she posted online and who she interacted with. Once he started to do that he began to follow her around and stalk her whenever he could. Paco Joe's neighbor told Beck about a secret compartment in the so she decided to take a look and discover that he was responsible for all of the deaths of her friends. He then started to yell and mistreat her since she was put into a glass box at the bottom of the bookstore so she wouldn't tell anyone. Another women who was abused severely mistreated was Joe's neighbor. Joe's neighbor was continuously being abused by her boyfr…


It was during the summer when I saw an ad for this app which advertised that you could learn another language with an owl. I thought that this was totally absurd and was in total shock that I could learn another language without having to physically go to a class. As we all know Duolingo is used by many teachers who teach foreign languages because it is an easy way to track the progress of student or yourself. In doing so you have the ability to see how much you have learned in such a small amount of time. The languages offered in this app consist of languages from all around the world. But using this app makes learning a foreign language much easier as the lessons or vocabulary are divided into different sections instead of having to look through a boring textbook day after day. Which is more appealing in my opinion since this app has also helped me with my Spanish. 
After having used the app for a while and seen numerous advertisements for Dueling has enabled me to see why many forei…

A New Friend

Once upon a time...Kidding a couple of years ago when kik was popular I was bored and decided to enter this random group chat. Pause. If you don't know what kik is it was this app that was used to text friends believe me it was something popular but now it's forgotten. But oh well let me back to the story. Play. Since it was a long time ago I don't remember what it was about but I joined since I had nothing else I had to do. When I had joined I looked at the people who were in the group chat and I had not recognized anyone but I didn't care I saw it as an opportunity to make new friends. Since I had that mentality I said Hi. To my surprise no one responded but after five minutes this girl responded. After she responded I waited because they made me wait so I took it upon myself to make them wait for my response. Once I was tired of waiting I responded and a conversation started. What started off as a one day conversation turned into a weeks long conversation and before…

Mickey Is Taking Over?!?!

We all know about Mickey right? Right. RIGHT! That's what I thought. We all know Mickey is the icon for Disney but have you ever noticed how much Disney actually owns. It's crazy to think that we as a society have not really paid attention to how widespread Disney actually is. Disney is not only some amusement parks it is an entire nation and the amusement parks are the cities and the industries are their own state. Having this in mind shows how large this company really is. According to "Disney owns entirely or partially: ESPN (80% stake), Touchstone Pictures, Marvel, Lucas film, A&E (50% equity holding with Hearst Corporation), The History Channel (50% equity holding with Hearst Corporation), Lifetime (50% equity holding with Hearst Corporation), Pixar, Hollywood Records, and Vice Media (16% stake). Of course, this list also includes all of the obvious properties like the Disney-branded television channels, radio stations, stores, and parks." Th…

VSCO Girls/Hydro Flasks Are Becoming A Culture?

As we have all noticed in school and outside of school we have all seen a VSCO girl whether it be in the halls at school or whether it be around your block. We have all seen them but have you noticed what they are wearing or what they have in their hands. They all have Vans or Birkenstocks, a Pura Vida bracelet, scrunchies, possibly AirPods and the iconic Hydro Flask and Fjallraven Kanken backpack. All these products are little components that make a VSCO girl a VSCO girl.

Since all VSCO girls have Vans or Birkenstocks, a Pura Vida bracelet, scrunchies, possibly AirPods and the iconic Hydro Flask and Fjallraven Kanken backpacks. As time passed and VSCO girls increased all these brands started to see an increase in their profit so they continued making new and different products that would appeal to VSCO girls. Since VSCO girls increased they every component that they had became normal to an everyday person. But because they were becoming normal many people who were not a VSCO bought th…